How to Use Our Handmade Paper for A Cute Present!

So I found out this week how easy and fun it is to make your own book!

One of my good friends is getting married soon and I wanted to get her something very special while still staying within my tight budget. I chose to make her a unique gift instead of just skimming the wedding registry and opting for the cheapest set of dinner napkins or something impersonal like that.

Using one sheet of our beautiful Black Ink handmade paper, and PVA bookbinding glue, I easily put together a scrapbook for my friend and her to-be husband. I personalized it using one of the amazing Molotov CHROME paint pens in fun, whimsical hand-lettering. The CHROME is so neat cause it’s actually reflective! I love the paper on the inside because it is heavy and durable and has a super charming deckle edge. She can either use it as a scrap book or as a photo album, or even just a journal to record special times in their marriage.

The book was quite easy to put together and only took me about 15 minutes but the book will eventually (hopefully) be filled with years of memories to come.